The world we live in is changing rapidly and so are the challenges of shipbuilding. With the constantly changing world economy and business orders, we have successfully entered the Global Shipbuilding Industry.

This industry is a source of huge foreign currency earning.

We understand that service, customer care, professionalism, timely delivery, quality and balanced price / performance ratio enable us to stand apart from our competitors.


The major intention of the company’s founder was to develop a cluster of technological excellence to meet global demand of maritime industry.

Studio Navale Maritime & Technical Ltd. specializes in the design, development and assessment of ships and marine structures.

Working with the client Studio Navale Maritime & Technical Ltd. will assess the operating parameters and develop the necessary design to fully meet the functional requirement.

Studio Navale Maritime & Technical Ltd. has the proven ability to complete design packages to Classification Society level, approved by Authorities such as HRS, LRS, DNV, ABS, GL and BV.


Studio Navale Maritime & Technical Ltd. is an independent technical consultancy firm providing a wide portfolio of services to the client.

Studio Navale Maritime & Technical Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of specialized consultancy services to assist vessel owners, operators and shipyards to ensure specification conformity, improved safety, reliability, maintainability and environmental compliance.

Studio Navale Maritime & Technical Ltd. undertakes commissions for a broad range of marine consulting activities, involving virtually every aspect of ship design, construction management, vessel maintenance and operation. Services are provided to a worldwide client base of ship owners, shipyards, government agencies, consultants and legal firms. We have the expertise to perform analytical studies for a wide variety of marine-related activities.


Studio Navale Maritime & Technical Ltd. has the practical engineering knowledge and astute commercial experience to represent the client at every stage of a project and protect the interests of the owner. This work includes:

  • Formalizing requirements
  • Tender design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Tender documentation
  • Tender assessment
  • Plan approval
  • Build support
  • Factory acceptance tests
  • Sea trials support

One of the biggest challenges we face as Naval Architects is ensuring that our vision for what we design is shared with the builder and ultimately with the owner. When a shipbuilder truly shares the vision of making a design as good as it can be through planning and first class quality of workmanship in every respect, then we become a true team and the end result is a truly impressive vessel that an owner and the crew will be very proud of.


Assessing the value of all types of commercial vessels is an important field of endeavor for Studio Navale Maritime & Technical Ltd. Regularly assessing the value of vessels is important for a number of reasons. First of all, mortgage providers need to know the updated market value of the assets for which they provide loans.

Studio Navale Maritime & Technical Ltd., provides a total solution to all your inspection and quality control needs. We deliver, whether you need prompt turn-around with an inspection, or a quick answer to a technical question.