Looking for a career that doesn’t box you in to the same old routine year after year?

You’ve found it in the marine industry.

No matter what specialism or discipline you bring with you, you’ll soon discover unexpected pathways for you to use and develop your analytical, numerical, interpersonal, interdisciplinary and supervisory skills too.

So break away from the confines of a 9 to 5, office-bound career and expand your horizons to the marine industry. It’s where the opportunities are unlimited.

If you think you could add value to our company, we would love to hear from you.

Send your CV to E-Mail Image and if there are no current vacancies, we will hold it on file.

About Us

Studio Navale Maritime & Technical Ltd. is a leading technical and consulting firm, which is well known for the credibility and reliability, within the international shipping community for more than two decades.



Studio Navale Maritime & Technical Ltd. is a company of enduring strength. Our products, services and ideas touch the lives of hundreds of people everyday.


Support to Clients

Studio Navale Maritime & Technical Ltd. highest priority is a constant focus on the needs of our customers.
With regular on-site visits, Studio Navale Maritime & Technical Ltd. is able to provide individually tailored customer support due to the knowledge of what the market requires. Whatever our customers′ requirements, we are constantly motivated to find the right solution.