• Studio Navale Maritime & Technical Ltd. is a technical office, with the scope of offering ship design, manufacturing, repairs and management services of the highest quality for the Clients’ benefit.
  • Studio Navale Maritime & Technical Ltd. has Up-to-date software and equipment to respond to customer requirements.
  • Full implementation of Finite Elements software for evaluating vessel structures.
  • 3D Scanning of structures to produce relevant drawings, studies, etc.
  • Condition Surveys and Evaluation Surveys.
  • Management of ship repairs.

Fleet Management

Studio Navale Maritime & Technical Ltd., provides a comprehensive range of ship management services to cargo ship owners worldwide. Our company has at its disposal, professional manpower, both ashore and at sea, operating to internationally recognized quality management standards.


Technical Management

Ships are inspected at regular intervals of three months by the technical superintendent to ensure a very close follow-up of shipboard activities. Furthermore, computer based systems are used to monitor vessel performance. Data sent by ships is analyzed ashore to optimize vessels speed and consumption performance.


Our Range of Services includes:

  • Ships’ Technical Documentation
  • Ship Design
  • Plan Approval
  • Design Review
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Conversions, Modifications and Retrofits
  • Design Assistance
  • Advance Engineering Analysis (FEM)
  • 3D Scanning of gigantic structures
  • Coating and Corrosion
  • Risk and Reliability
  • Condition Surveys
  • Evaluation of ships and floating structures
  • Ship Management Services
  • Ship Repairs Management
  • Claims
  • Defense

Our Consulting Capabilities include:

  • Technical Services
    • Design Review and Certification
    • Technical Support Services
    • Advanced Engineering Analysis
    • Marine and Offshore Certification
    • Plant and Pipeline Certification
    • New vessel Construction Technical Support
    • Environmental Management and Assessments
  • Facility Verification
    • Boiler and Pressure Vessel Certification
    • Cargo Container and Crane Certification
    • Site and Source Inspection
    • New vessel Construction Project Support
    • Surveys and Condition Assessment
    • Marine and Offshore Certification
    • Plant and Pipeline Commissioning
  • Speciality Services
    • Asset Management
    • Financial Projects
    • Project Appraisal Service
    • Project Management
    • Technical Training